Jan 30

The Verizon iPhone, rumored for over 2 years, is counting down to release this Thursday, February 3rd.

Verizon iPhone4 Countdown

I was a long time Verizon customer when the first iPhone was introduced.  It was amazing but only available on AT&T.  I did not want to switch.  Then the iPhone 3G was released and AT&T was not enough of a barrier … I was weak.  Many others stuck to their guns willing to wait, and wait, and wait …

While waiting, these Verizon customers flocked to the iPhone wannabes, the most popular being the Motorola Droid series.  But since Verizon announced the iPhone 4 was coming to their network Motorola reported a decline in Droid sales .

Is Android Doomed?

John Paczkowski  in WSJ’s All Things Digital recently posted an article entitled Verizon iPhone Demand Could Hit Nearly 25 Million, Theoretically.  I believe a large percentage of these customers will be switching from Android phones.

To make matters worse, Google is ‘not happy’ with Android Market Sales.  If application developers cannot make money in the Android Market the innovative apps will dry up, driving more customers to the iPhone.

So is Android doomed?  I would like to hear what you think.

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  1. I think there is always rooms for the alternate…..

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